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Naughty Girl Sells Sex Toys As Well As Lingerie.

Sells Sex Toys

After a lot of pondering and bouncing ideas back and forth, Naughty Girl Lingerie, along with input from it’s staff have decided to start to continue selling some very sexy toys. I know some of you thought that we might never go down this road again, but truth be told, we all have had a lot of fun selling adult novelties. Be it lotion or potion, to the more raunchy UR 3 toys or dolls, we had a lot of fun at trade shows and home parties alike. Being located in a smaller town, we received a lot of acknowledgement about our business, both good and bad. We raised our heads proudly at the good, and shrugged off the bad as people being envious that we had something that a lot of others might find it difficult to balance.

Becoming Sophisticated

For a brief moment in time, we thought that maybe it might be a better business model to become more, shall we say, sophisticated, or upscale or whatever term you would like to use, and leave the novelties behind us and focus on the lingerie part of our business only. We found that that became quite mundane. We found that we were blending into the woodwork so-to-speak. We felt we were no longer unique in our business model by trying not to offend anyone.

Well, we still wish not to offend anyone, but we also must do what we feel is right for us, our business and most of all, our customers.

Sexy Lingerie

Naughty Girl Lingerie has always held our customers in the highest regard. It is what has gotten us here today. If it wasn’t for you, we would not have enjoyed this business nearly as much. We will still continue to sell lingerie, both here and on our sister site, Although here you will find sexy lingerie items much more risqué along with some very interesting sex toys designed to help enhance your love life in ways that lingerie might not do on it’s own. Here you will find items that you will not find on that site. Here you will find is where we put the naughty in Naughty Girl Lingerie.

We hope you enjoy what you find. If you don’t find what you want to enjoy, please message us and we will be sure to find something suitable just for you.

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