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Boy Short Panties

Do You Call Them Panties?

I was sitting having my morning tea before the daily grind watching a little television when a talk show came on. The Social, I believe it was called. Well anyway, I wasn’t really paying too much attention, more or less just trying to get my thoughts in order about the day when a question on the show caught my attention.


When referring to undergarments of the female sort, what do you call them? Naughty Girl Lingerie has usually called them panties, unless we are referring to a specific type like G-String or boy shorts. The name ‘panties’ always seemed somewhat feminine, pretty, all encompassing. We never saw it as a vulgar term or offensive in any way. But apparently it warranted a mention on this show. It would appear that some of the panelists, in fact did not like this term and preferred other terms such as underwear or underpants or as one went so far as to say, “gotchies”. Really?? Gotchies as opposed to panties.

Granny Panties

It got me thinking of an old movie I watched one time. I believe the movie was The Breakfast Club, but I could be wrong about that. I am pretty sure it involved a group of young actors and actresses called “the Rat Pack”. One of which was Molly Ringwald. Now this movie has a love scene where her character was not expecting to be in a romantic situation when her boyfriend works his way toward her underpants. These were not just any underpants, they were of the large beige full shorts type that most would have referred to as “granny panties”. The moment breaks for a short bit and then he says something to the effect that he was not expecting her to be in her scuba suit. It was funnier when you watched the movie, but it does prove the point that what you call them can have an impact on how you and others feel at that time.

When Do You Use The Word Panties?

Maybe it comes down to when and where you are using these terms. Maybe gotchies is more appropriate when you are dealing with, say, your children or maybe if the topic comes up when you are in the change room with your teammates. Yeah, maybe panties is a little too feminine to use at certain times. But there must be times when you want to use a term that is a little sexier.

Maybe that is why Naughty Girl Lingerie decided to go with the word Panties. Panties sounds sexier. And Naughty Girl Lingerie has one of the sexiest lines around.


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