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Can We All Just Get Along?

Can We All Just Get Along?

The other day I read the type of meme that really annoys me that was posted by a well-educated doctor of psychology. At least I believe that is her degree. Sometimes I am not sure that common sense always follows that degree, but I am not here to bash that doctor, or anyone else that holds a degree.

I find this type of meme to be from the type of person that feels they are justified in putting others down in order to raise themselves above those in a certain group. I have never found this to be a productive strategy. Maybe that’s why I sometimes find politics to be so very childish.

But getting back to the meme, it reads like this;

A Male is a Big Boy That Does What He Wants,

A Real Man Honors His Responsibilities.


Well, what if what he desires IS to honor his responsibilities? She makes it sound like men do not want to honor their responsibilities, but are thrust into doing so. There are some men out there that actually take pride in fulfilling their responsibilities. There are good men out there. There are good men that read this from women that post it and the first thing that goes through their head is, what about women? Women are so head strong about promoting equality that sometimes they forget that it is equality they are after and end up putting men down instead of boosting themselves.

No one but you can define you as a human being

In the comments section I read a quote that went like this…

“All your life you are told by others what it means to be a “Real Man”. And you are told how worthless you are if you don’t measure up.
Just know this. Anyone man or woman sending you this message is trying to shame you into their service. They are manipulating you to carry their load, to take on their hardships; even to bleed and die for their cause… or their profit.
Don’t buy the lie. No one but you can define you as a human being or measure your worth. Never trust anyone who puts an adjective in front of the word man.”

The context this particular quote was written in or the person that wrote it is irrelevant. With the exception of the word man at the end (it should have read ‘man or woman’, or ‘person’), it is a great quote.  Why do we feel the need to segregate parts of our society in order to make ourselves feel better?

Just Trying to Offend Men?

Take the meme quote from above for example. Why did the author of this quote feel the need to separate male from female? Are they saying that women don’t ever do what they want? Or are they saying that women don’t have any responsibilities? For the life of me, I cannot figure out what the author was trying to do with this quote other then put down men in general. I mean, even men that take their responsibilities seriously will be offended by this. It’s almost like the author was saying that now that you have responsibilities you will no longer to ever be able to do anything you want.

It is sayings like this that hinder the feminist movement about trying to make things equal for all. It raises the ire of some that would otherwise be on their side instead of uniting as many as people as possible. A simple slogan of something like “Take your responsibilities seriously” would get the same message across to everyone across the human spectrum. Without offending anyone.

Rodney King, a blue collar worker in California, not a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, no doctorate or degree leaves us with a question to ponder that he asked nearly twenty five years ago…” can we all just get along?”

Apparently not.

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Topless Selfie to Promote Feminism?

Topless Selfie of Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski

Topless Selfie of Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski

So Kim Kardashian is making the news again. There is a topless selfie of Kim Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski making the rounds on the internet. Some are saying it is done to empower women or done in the interest of the feminism movement. Others are saying it is just a grab for attention.

Ms. Kardashian does a lot of things for attention, after all that is in part how she became famous. But that is not news of any sort, most famous people do the same thing, actually most things that have become famous, at least in near history have done so by doing things to grab attention so we cannot fault them if that is the reason. Unless of course we fault every other actor, singer, company of famous person or entity that has also done things to “grab attention”.

We are not totally sure how this actually furthers any cause for equal rights for women. Mostly, I would bet, it just attracts a lot of men, and some women, to click on over and gawk. But I doubt most of them are clicking over and thinking, hmmm women need to be treated better in society. Or gosh, maybe I will give my female staff a raise to be equal to the men in similar positions. (okay, that last idea is for a whole other article) but you get what I mean.

We are also not sure how it is standing up for those that have been body shamed, as one person pointed out. I mean we are talking about a well-known model that is very thin and fit, and another female body form that is ummm, lusted upon by a great many men. To quote another article that it was “meant to illustrate how women are taught to be ashamed of their bodies”. How is that making any awareness to those that have been body shamed? Well they go on to tell us, they both have their middle finger up in the picture. Good grief, I see tons of pictures with women with their middle finger up. It has nothing to do with anything other than those in the pictures think they look bad-ass. And they don’t.

In our opinion, they are doing it for attention. And using womens rights and body shaming as excuses for why they did it. Both of these people have access to ways to increase awareness in much more influential ways they this. We’re just not sure which womens right they are trying to promote. It is apparent that Ms. Ratajkowski is a longtime proponent of women being free to be topless and the “free the nipple” movement. So we would assume that is what it is about, as gossip has it that Ms. Kardashian reportedly sent Ms. Ratajkowski flowers in support of this.

So, if you are supporting “free the nipple” movement we are fairly certain that posting a topless selfie of you and another female friend isn’t the way to go. How about this ladies, if your town or state or province does not allow women the same rights as men, start a petition, challenge the law (in court, not in the street as we do not condone breaking any laws). If it is already legal where you are, then why not organize certain days on certain beaches to support the few individuals that are fighting these battles alone on the beach already without you. Or, if you are against people (all of them) from being topless then organize the same thing where men would be required to cover up.

Right now we have some young men enticing our teenaged daughters to take their tops off on some quiet streets late at night. THIS IS NOT A SAFE PRACTICE and we strongly urge parents to be aware of this. But when we do it in public and make the young men aware that this is just part of human anatomy and should only be looked at as such then we might be on our way to equal rights for women on this matter.

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Boy Short Panties

Do You Call Them Panties?

I was sitting having my morning tea before the daily grind watching a little television when a talk show came on. The Social, I believe it was called. Well anyway, I wasn’t really paying too much attention, more or less just trying to get my thoughts in order about the day when a question on the show caught my attention.


When referring to undergarments of the female sort, what do you call them? Naughty Girl Lingerie has usually called them panties, unless we are referring to a specific type like G-String or boy shorts. The name ‘panties’ always seemed somewhat feminine, pretty, all encompassing. We never saw it as a vulgar term or offensive in any way. But apparently it warranted a mention on this show. It would appear that some of the panelists, in fact did not like this term and preferred other terms such as underwear or underpants or as one went so far as to say, “gotchies”. Really?? Gotchies as opposed to panties.

Granny Panties

It got me thinking of an old movie I watched one time. I believe the movie was The Breakfast Club, but I could be wrong about that. I am pretty sure it involved a group of young actors and actresses called “the Rat Pack”. One of which was Molly Ringwald. Now this movie has a love scene where her character was not expecting to be in a romantic situation when her boyfriend works his way toward her underpants. These were not just any underpants, they were of the large beige full shorts type that most would have referred to as “granny panties”. The moment breaks for a short bit and then he says something to the effect that he was not expecting her to be in her scuba suit. It was funnier when you watched the movie, but it does prove the point that what you call them can have an impact on how you and others feel at that time.

When Do You Use The Word Panties?

Maybe it comes down to when and where you are using these terms. Maybe gotchies is more appropriate when you are dealing with, say, your children or maybe if the topic comes up when you are in the change room with your teammates. Yeah, maybe panties is a little too feminine to use at certain times. But there must be times when you want to use a term that is a little sexier.

Maybe that is why Naughty Girl Lingerie decided to go with the word Panties. Panties sounds sexier. And Naughty Girl Lingerie has one of the sexiest lines around.


If you don’t see it on, try for even more great items!

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Naughty Girl Sells Sex Toys As Well As Lingerie.

Sells Sex Toys

After a lot of pondering and bouncing ideas back and forth, Naughty Girl Lingerie, along with input from it’s staff have decided to start to continue selling some very sexy toys. I know some of you thought that we might never go down this road again, but truth be told, we all have had a lot of fun selling adult novelties. Be it lotion or potion, to the more raunchy UR 3 toys or dolls, we had a lot of fun at trade shows and home parties alike. Being located in a smaller town, we received a lot of acknowledgement about our business, both good and bad. We raised our heads proudly at the good, and shrugged off the bad as people being envious that we had something that a lot of others might find it difficult to balance.

Becoming Sophisticated

For a brief moment in time, we thought that maybe it might be a better business model to become more, shall we say, sophisticated, or upscale or whatever term you would like to use, and leave the novelties behind us and focus on the lingerie part of our business only. We found that that became quite mundane. We found that we were blending into the woodwork so-to-speak. We felt we were no longer unique in our business model by trying not to offend anyone.

Well, we still wish not to offend anyone, but we also must do what we feel is right for us, our business and most of all, our customers.

Sexy Lingerie

Naughty Girl Lingerie has always held our customers in the highest regard. It is what has gotten us here today. If it wasn’t for you, we would not have enjoyed this business nearly as much. We will still continue to sell lingerie, both here and on our sister site, Although here you will find sexy lingerie items much more risqué along with some very interesting sex toys designed to help enhance your love life in ways that lingerie might not do on it’s own. Here you will find items that you will not find on that site. Here you will find is where we put the naughty in Naughty Girl Lingerie.

We hope you enjoy what you find. If you don’t find what you want to enjoy, please message us and we will be sure to find something suitable just for you.

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